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  1. I'm totally jealous! Ashlynn will be 18 months old on Sunday and she is still pretty much bald. *lol* No cute bows for us! I put headbands on her every now and then but she usually pulls them off pretty quick. Your kiddos are adorable and your daughter's hair is gorgeous! Love the bows!

  2. Thanks Jamie! She's doesn't keep headbands on for very long either… Too bad our little ones can't play together- all her friends are her brother's 😀

  3. Thanks Rachel! Korker bows are so stinkin&#39; cute! You&#39;re so funny….I have no idea what in the world I am doing &amp; can&#39;t even remember what setting I used to take that photo- lol, but definitely was a preset option :)<br /><br />I have been keeping an eye out for photography classes offered through DEALS sites. My 1st goal is to learn how to not have such harsh shadows- ugh!

  4. Your korker bows look awesome. Are you sure it was a first attempt? Absolutely adorable children, they are so photogenic, I don&#39;t think they can take a bad picture!

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