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  1. Thanks for this and for the printable. Made a hectic end of the year easy with a perfect gift idea for my kids’ teachers. (Superhero theme for the school year!) AND it is the perfect way to spend a rainy, windy day. Appreciate your creativity.

  2. Thanks for this awesome idea! In India, we celebrate teacher’s day as a dedicated day to teachers and this made the perfect gift at my son’s Montessori school.

  3. Super cute! I’m actually going to turn the idea around and have my students make this for their mother’s day for Mother’s Day! Thank you!

  4. I love how cute these turned out! I’m actually planning on using them for nurses week. Is there anyway to get a download of just multiple faces on one page? I have a different nurse slogan to use.

  5. Hi there! This is ADORABLE!! We are doing a superhero theme at my daughter’s school and I plan on making ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY THREE of these for the entire staff. 🙂 I am trying to edit the download so I can put twelve faces on one sheet of paper and then I will have to print off much less on the color printer. Do you possibly have something like that available? I am not able to edit the document as it is secured on adobe acrobat. Thank you so much!

  6. Hi. I entered a credit card for $1.00 for the PDF. The download didn’t actually have the faces…just a bunch of gibberish text. Please help.

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Sorry to hear you are having problems. I just downloaded it myself right now to check and everything is fine so I’m not sure why you are seeing that. What’s your email and I will send you the file? Thanks!

  7. It does not open. I clicked “i want this tab” and there is a file size but no file 🙁
    It does not lead to anything 🙁

    1. Hi Alex! I just tried it and I think I figured out the issue – you have to add a 0 into the ‘Name a Fair Price’ box. Then click the ‘I want this’ & add your email. 🙂

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