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  1. Looks fantastic! I WILL be trying these with my children. 🙂 We've done a similar kind of "fireworks" before, but it's been a while, and besides, yours looks so great and vibrant. (I'm visiting from the Read.Explore.Learn Summer Reading Challenge.)

  2. We didn&#39;t get 4th of July books this year. I will have to look for these next year.<br /><br />Thank you for linking Read.Explore.Learn. This post counts as an entry in the July edition of the Summer Reading Challenge.

  3. Cute firework crafts! We have been doing a bunch of firework crafts and activities over at my blog too. You will have to stop by. I will have to add these ideas to our list of things to create this summer. I love finding new blogs and I look forward to exploring yours somemore.<br />Take care,<br />Shauna<br />

  4. I connected to this craft via Pinterest and we did it today – my 2 yr old and 4 yr old LOVED it. We definitely needed smocks and baby wipes but it was a really big hit. Thanks for posting!

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