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  1. Hi, I love this and I think my k4 class would too! Would I be able to make the salt-dough ahead of time and keep it in zip locked bags for the kids to have at school? This way they could use the small rolling pins and roll them out on their own without me doing it for them to enhance their experience. I wouldn’t be making ornaments with them this time of year, just a fun art project!

    1. Yes, definitely! To be safe, maybe make it the night before you plan to use it. Would love to see photos of the finished projects if you are able to take any. I bet they’ll be super cute!!!

    1. Hi! I let it air dry with the gems in otherwise I suggested “If baking, do the decorating afterwards instead and glue the embellishments in place.”

      If making as ornaments, be sure to remember poking a small hole at the top before baking or air drying 🙂

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