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  1. I love the coffee ground bears! What a great idea to reuse spice shakers. <br /><br />I have a little gingerbread man cookie cutter, and my girls love it when I cut shapes into their toast in the morning.

  2. Fun crafts, and those waffles look delicious!!<br /><br />If you guys liked Bear At Work, have you tried Bear on a Bike? We&#39;ve gotten it out of the library about three times already. The illustrations are so colorful and interesting, with lots of things to look for and talk about. I really like how the text is rhyming and easy to listen to, but it still introduces new vocabulary along the way

  3. Great idea with the shakers for the coffee craft. We&#39;ve done that one and it was Messy!<br /><br />I love the &quot;It&#39;s Not My…&quot; series. Kind of broke my heart when I was ready to pass those books on…

  4. Thanks for joining WMCIR and sharing your picks! What great crafts and even a snack to go with bear theme. I also thought that putting coffee in the shaker is brilliant, and the results are really cute.

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