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  1. We mostly school year round taking off when we need to. But this year we have had 7 solid weeks of due to camps and now a new baby! Gonna be hard to get back into the groove again.

  2. Love he Chester paper bag! Pinned it, too! I would love to win the back to school pack! I babysit preschoolers and this would be great!

  3. I’m sorry to say my frustration level is increasing as I’m trying to access your printables. Are they free or is there a link to buy?? Your fonts are so much cuter than what I have to choose from. Are you able to direct me to the download of the templates?

    1. Hi Judy! Sorry to hear about your frustration. I’m a bit confused as to which printable you are referring to? This post is a Chester the Raccoon Puppet Craft, which doesn’t include a template. Is it possible that you were on a different post before this one? If you can let me know which one you think you may have been on, I may be better able to help you.

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