Carrot-shaped Treat Bags

I made my kids & 2 of their friends these carrot-shaped treat bags. We used them in their Easter scavenger hunt. Here’s how I made mine:

I couldn’t find any cone-shaped treat bags so I ended up using disposable frosting decorating bags. You can find the cone-shaped treat bags on Amazon here: Treat Bags 12″ Cone 20/Pkg-Clear. I bought the decorating bags at Michael’s.
I filled 4 bags with goldfish crackers. One of the small-sized bags ended up being the perfect amount. Using curling ribbon cut to all different lengths, I tied the bags shut. To make it a little faster, I placed 3 ribbons together at a time and then tied it shut- 4 sets of 3 total for each bag. All that’s left then is to curl all the ribbons!

Other ideas for filling the bags:
  • cheetos
  • cheese balls
  • orange playdough 
  • orange silly putty
  • orange jellybeans
  • orange reese’s pieces

Other carrot crafts we have done in the past you might enjoy:

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