Carrot-shaped Treat Bags

I made my kids and two of their friends these carrot-shaped treat bags. We used them in their Easter scavenger hunt. These are made with orange goldfish crackers. Some other ideas might be homemade orange playdough, Cheetos, orange jellybeans, and so on.

DIY Easter Snack: Carrot-shaped Treat Bags

I couldn’t find any cone-shaped treat bags so I ended up using disposable frosting decorating bags. You can find the cone-shaped treat bags on Amazon here: Treat Bags 12″ Cone 20/Pkg-Clear (affiliate link). I bought the decorating bags at Michael’s.

First, fill the bags with goldfish crackers. One of the small-sized bags ended up being the perfect amount.

Cut green curling ribbon to different lengths and tie the bags at the top. To make it a little faster, I placed 3 ribbons together at a time and then tied it shut…. a total of 4 sets of 3 for each bag. All that’s left then is to curl all the ribbons!

Other ideas for filling the bags:

  • cheetos
  • cheese balls
  • orange playdough
  • orange silly putty
  • orange jellybeans
  • orange reese’s pieces

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