Mommy Made Christmas Ornaments

I have been making a few handmade Christmas ornaments this year. Here are 2 of them I have made so far….. a pretty, glittery one and a Santa’s Belly ornament inspired by Crafts by Amanda.

To make the sparkly glitter ornament, I started with a clear ball ornament (I bought mine from Michael’s).  I used the Martha Stewart’s glitter you see below along (I got them free from being selected for a house party!). I used her glittering glue but I’d imagine something like Mod Podge would also work. Paint glue on the area you would like the 1st color to be and then sprinkle on the glitter. Repeat with as many colors you desire. To finish, I sprayed on a clear sealant because as we all know ~ glitter gets everywhere!!!

I used the gold glitter and another clear ornament to make the Santa’s Belly ornament. First, I shook red enamel paint on the inside. You can find enamel paint at stores like Michael’s & Wal-Mart. Using black enamel paint, paint Santa’s belt across the middle of the ornament on the outside. When it is completely dry, paint a square belt buckle with glue and sprinkle on gold glitter. I originally saw this awesome ornament idea over at Crafts by Amanda. Hers is made using different materials so be sure to check it out.

Merry Navidad! A Spanish and English Children's Book
Toddler Made Christmas Ornament
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    Wow I keep seeing that Martha glitter everywhere and it sure does look gorgeous! I LOVE your rendition of the Santa's Belly ornament! Thanks so much for linking over to me, it's always fun when someone makes something you've inspired. Yours are awesome!! :)

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